about hii i'm nora but you can also call me shristi! i'm south asian, indian, hindu, non binary and lesbian. i go by he love pronouns only and please do not use she her on me.my print lee hyein, making crds, my friends, desi culture, music, travelling, spicy food, winter, saturdays and animals, han sohee, kitty chicha.find me crd acc rkive retrospring referral youtube

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don't use gendered terms on me if i don't know you and also no she her or they them pronouns as it makes me uncomfy. most of the groups/people in my loves list i just casually listen to, i'm not necessarily a fan. if you want copies of my carrds you can ask on my retrospring or twitter! check my carrd archive before asking for copies & please don't ask for copies that are outside your pro plan.

byi i make kms/kys jokes (mainly only with my friends) but lmk if you're uncomfy, i dont use tone tags but i will if you need them, i'm inactive sometimes, use tws/cws with me, i talk about groups i dont like sometimes, i use caps a lot

dni over 18, basic dni criteria, if you like skz, suju, clc, enhypen, oh my girl (doesn't apply if you've been affected by their actions or you hyperfixate). homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist, invalidate neoprns, kpop over morals, you take kpop too seriously, anti desi or poc.